Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Traum V163 - Roel Hoogendoorn - Soundcastle

Video for the title track "Crimson" from his new release.

Roel Hoogendoorn interview
We're very happy to have a full release with Roel - beautiful modern melodic techno on his "Soundcastle" (Traum V163) EP. We sent him a few questions to find out about a little bit more...

You did a remix for Minilogue on Traum a long time ago. What kind of feeling was it to release a remix for MInilogue at such an early stage. How young were you at that time?

The first time working with Traum for a remix of Minilogue's "The Leopard", I was only 18 years old and very much into the upcoming Border Community scene started by James Holden.
Traum was also a big part of this evolvement, being the label of many pioneering artists back then, and of course still going strong.
I remember having lots of trouble getting the sound of the remix right. Back then my main focus was really on refreshing concept and melody and less into sound design.
These days sound design has taken a big step into techno, with programs and vst's becoming stronger by the second. A track lacking wide and well balanced sound doesn't often come through anymore.

Meanwhile how do you create your sound, do you still work with Reason, if not, what are you using?

I was using Reason 3.0 for my productions back in the day, but has been abandoned in my studio for a couple years now.
I've tried a couple of programs until landing onto Ableton Live now. The workflow is more intuitive and the sound engine is much better and stable to begin with.
Although I love the 'instrument rack'layout of Reason, I ran into all sorts of sound problems I now rarely have anymore.
And of course not having any vst support is really old fashioned.

How would you describe your own sound, the nature of your music? You are a modern artist belonging to a new generation that do not cling to standards... so we experience a track of yours on TOUR de TRAUM changing tempo etc etc.

In my productions I'm always looking for some deeper emotional layer that is there to be found in techno music.
Of course I like the more energetic banging tracks as well, but I love it when it all goes a bit deeper and really grabs you and takes you into another dimension.
Also having surprising elements like rhythms changing, or throwing the listener/dancer off with different arrangements is part of what I love about music.

How do you see creativity and freedom of ideas entering the music of today... the clubs of today?

Luckily, living near Amsterdam, I'm very blessed with a lot of clubs like Trouw and Studio 80 that have loads of cool and different concept parties. But you have to know what you pick, you could easily end up with some boring dj playing the same beat all night.

How was your dj set and TRAUM night at The Grand Theatre in Groningen? What were the reactions?

Playing in Groningen before Mononoid, Ryan Davis and Max Cooper was really amazing. The setting was beautiful and it turned out to be a great night.
I opened up with some slow building tracks, to get the groove going and set up Mononoid to take their moment. I like to play in the flow of the night, in terms of energy.
After Max Cooper finished the party in spectacular fashion, I started on the after party in Subsonic. Really cool place with a real basement feel, and the audience was totally ready for some more dancing.
There I played far more energetic and got really good responses on my own tracks that I played, then Mononoid took over and the night ended up at 9.30 am.
Really loved the whole experience of that party. Traum should do more editions in Grand Theatre, spectacular location.

You made a video for your Traum release. This is new to you as you said. What are the ideas behind it … with what difficulties are you confronted if you do a video... and what do you suggest to people who do videos as beginners - what is important and different to music making?  

We are just now finishing up making the video for 'Crimson'. We got this idea of a storyline where someone finds happiness, but then abuses it and gets punished for doing so.
The biggest issue we had making the video is making up for the fact that we have no budget. So a lot of the materials and scenes are improvised. Recording it was a lot of fun though, and hopefully that shows in the video. I'm happy with the result - it's the first video I've ever done myself so I didn't know what to expect.
It's a lot harder than I expected and takes a lot of time and work, but in the end you learn alot as well. I could name probably a hundred improvements that could be made already.
But at some point you just have to decide it's finished and move on to the next project with the lessons learnt.

What background do you have. University? Musical training? What gave you the idea to write music apart from the Holden influence we hear about?

I've studied music production for 2 years at the HKU in Hilversum. I quit the study after I got pfeiffer for a year, and after that started working for my money at some point and haven't got out of that (yet).
Next to that, I've always done music, in all types of directions. But now I finally returned to the electronic scene, and my plan is to stay there for a while now.
I've been making music since I was 14 years old. I started out with an uncle of mine, using a Sony program called Acid Pro. It intrigued me so much, I never let it go.
I picked up Reason not long after that, and there I was spending practically all my free time producing music.
I've always done a very broad range of music, making songs and ambient works, and of course techno. But now I want to concentrate on just one genre for a while. 

Roels latest release, "Soundcastle", is out now on Traum. Click for more info. -->